GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun – New Firestorm Upgrades


jumpjetJump Jet Infantry (GDI)
The jump jet trooper’s primary advancement is in its sensor package. We have increased their sensory range and their ability to locate cloaking fields while in flight. Unlike the earlier models of the jump suits, new models move faster and can detect cloaked bases or units from the air. The increase in Nod’s stealth technology and the loss of many jump-troopers in flight made this upgrade a dire necessity.

msaDeployable Sensor Array (GDI)
With the addition of the Limpet Drones to the GDI (and, it is rumored, Nod) arsenal it became necessary to upgrade the DSA to detect these drones. The DSA can now detect most forms of otherwise invisible drones and mines in addition to the cloaked and subterranean units it can already locate..

empElectromagnetic (EMP) Pulse Cannon (GDI & Nod)
We have upgraded all of our EMP Cannons to reflect the ever-changing arms race. The addition of the mine/drone technology inspired this change to the EMP technology. A higher resonance factor was incorporated into the EM pulse blast which causes all drones in its area of effect to detonate instantly, making minefield clearing fast and efficient. The resonance factor also short circuits subterranean units’ guidance systems, causing them to surface immediately.

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