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light_infantryLight Infantry
The Light Infantry are the mainstay of the GDI and Brotherhood troops. Armed with an M16 Mk. II pulse rifle, they deliver light damage to most targets. Although slow, infantry are capable of movement over varied terrain types with little loss in speed. They are also able to pass through certain terrains or hazards that are inaccessible or damaging to vehicles.

disk_throwerDisk Thrower
The Disk Thrower is a light infantry unit that carries a long-range grenade delivery system. Instead of traditionally shaped grenades, the Disk Thrower uses an aerodynamic grenade that is designed with longer flight in mind. Because of the dynamics of the discus-like projectile, the grenade can bounce along terrain if it does not impact its intended target.

jumpjetJump Jet Infantry
The airborne divisions of GDI’s infantry, Jump Jet soldiers are able to perform surgical hits on targets normally inaccessible to standard infantry. Armed with a Vulcan cannon, these flying soldiers can provide an anti-air defense as well as quick air-to-ground attacks on poorly defended targets.

Amid the chaos of battle, the Medic is solely responsible for treating the injured and getting downed soldiers back in the fight. Left on his own the medic will automatically heal any nearby friendly soldiers. Medics can also be targeted to treat a specific soldier.

Slow and unarmed, the Engineer is nonetheless deadly in his own right. Since they’re the only units able to capture enemy structures, tactical use of engineers is considered an art among many commanders. The unit has multiple purposes, capturing enemy structures, repairing damaged structures and repairing damaged bridges:. Note that the engineer unit will be lost when any of these actions are performed.

Part of the Forgotten, Ghostalker carries a small rail gun and is armed with C4 charges. His rail-gun has the ability to shoot through multiple targets at once, eliminating rows of enemies in a single hit. Ghostalker’s C4 ability can be used to destroy any enemy structure when a C4 icon appears. Left-clicking will send Ghostalker to the building and once he touches the building, it will flash for a few seconds then explode. Like all mutant units, Ghostalker can heal in Tiberium.

The Powered Assault Armour, or “Wolverine,” is small eight to nine foot bipedal unit that piloted by a single soldier. Fast and agile, the lightly armoured suits excel at suppression fire and in light skirmishes. Handling large groups of enemy infantry is no problem for a squad of these troopers.

apcAmphibious APC
The Amphibious APC is a heavily armoured unit that can carry up to five infantry units. Capable of ferrying units over land and sea, the amphibious APC is a valuable asset to GDI’s forces. To load the APC, select the infantry soldier(s) you wish to load and highlight the APC. A blue “enter” cursor will appear. Left-clicking will load the units into the APC. To make the units exit the APC, select it, and click on it again when the “deploy” cursor appears. Note that an APC can not be unloaded while in water.

The Medium Battle Mechanized Walker, or “Titan,” is GDI’s all-purpose assault and defense unit. Standing 25 feet tall and packing a 120mm cannon, the Titan is a force to be reckoned with. Its long range makes it an ideal unit for use in base assaults, as it can pummel defenses without fear of retaliation.

hoverHover Multi-Launch Rocket System (MLRS)
The Hover MLRS is a medium to long range missile delivery system mounted on a hover chassis. Like the Amphibious APC, the hover MLRS is capable of crossing both land and sea. Because of its hover capability, the unit is unaffected by most terrain types, making it an ideal (although somewhat expensive) unit for scouting enemy territory. Its rockets are capable of hitting both air and Land targets with equal effectiveness.

Recent developments aboard the Philadelphia have led to breakthroughs in harmonic resonance. The Disrupter is the first use of this new technology. Firing a harmonic resonance wave, the Disrupter is capable of shattering any unit or structure caught in the wave – enemy or ally alike. Care should be used in the positioning of Disrupter units as to minimize incidents of “friendly fire”.

mammoth_mkiiMammoth Mk. II
This prototype behemoth is GDI’s most powerful weapon. Towering over the battlefield, the Mammoth II carries dual rail guns and a back mounted anti-aircraft missile launcher. The rail guns are capable of reducing most units to slag in a matter of seconds, while its AA launcher ensures air protection for the unit. Virtually indestructible, the Mammoth Mk. II is still in its testing phases, and due to limitations on the technologies involved, only one can be deployed at any time.

msaMobile Sensor Array
The Mobile Sensor Array (MSA) is a vehicle equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor package that can detect the presence of enemy units even if they are cloaked or burrowing underground. Detected units will be “uncloaked,” but will be displayed on radar and tactical view, allowing a commander to take the necessary measures to destroy the hidden unit(s).

orca_fighterOrca Fighter
The mainstay of GDIs air force, the Orca fighter is a versatile and lightweight attack aircraft. Fast, lightly armoured and armed with dual missile launchers, the Orca fighter can deliver a missile barrage to any location on the battlefield within moments of receiving orders. However, like all aircraft, the Orca must return to a helipad in order to reload its weapons.

orca_bomberOrca Bomber
Heavier and better armoured then its fighter cousin, the Orca bomber trades speed for fire-power. Delivering a stream of high-explosive bombs in strafing runs, the Orca bomber is ideal for softening up ground defenses during the beginning of a base assault.

orca_carryallOrca Carryall
The largest of all Orcas, this transport aircraft has the critical job of rescuing or delivering units to-or from any destination. Using a large grappling device, the Carryall is capable of picking up any vehicle found on the battlefield. To make the carryall pick up a unit, select the carryall, then left-click on the unit you wish to pick up. To put the unit down, select the Carryall when it is on the ground, highlight it, and left-click on it when the “deploy cursor” appears. Note that you can drop units directly onto repair pads and refineries without detaching them first.

hunter_seekerHunter Seeker Droid
The Hunter Seeker Droid is a lighting fast drone unit that is deployed to “clean up” the battlefield. Hunter Seeker Droids randomly search out an enemy unit or structure and latch on to it. Once attached, the Hunter Seeker Droid will self-destruct, destroying the object it has attached to as well. The unit cannot be controlled and will automatically seek prey when released.

Critical to the financial success of both sides, the Harvester is the only unit capable of collecting Tiberium for refinement. Harvesters will automatically begin to collect Tiberium if a patch is nearby. The Harvester can be ordered to a specific location by selecting it and targeting the new area. The Harvester will automatically avoid threat areas and will inform you when it cannot enter an area because of nearby threats. Tiberium Harvesters will not enter a hostile area unless specifically ordered.

Dropships allow the delivery of crucial supplies and reinforcements to specific areas on the battlefield. The arrival of a dropship with reinforcements during a heated battle can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Dropships are only available in certain solo play missions and can never be directly controlled.

The Kodiak is GDI’s mobile command centre. Commander McNeil and his crew reside on the Kodiak and use it to travel from battle to battle. Typically, the Kodiak observes the battle from afar so as not to put commanding officers in direct danger. However, certain conditions could cause the Kodiak to become vulnerable to attack. If that were ever to happen, protect it at all costs, for if it is destroyed, the battle is over.

orca_transportOrca Transport
Available only in certain solo-play missions, the Orca Transport can carry up to 5 infantry units to any location on a battle map. Loading and unloading it is identical in function to loading and unloading an amphibious APC.

mcvMobile Construction Vehicle
The foundation of any base starts with the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV). Able to deploy itself into a fully functioning construction yard, the MCV is a highly prized piece of equipment for both GDI and Nod.

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