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construction_yardConstruction Yard
The Construction Yard is where all life begins. It allows the player to build other structures, so defending it should be a top priority of any successful commander. In some missions, the player starts with an MCV, which can be deployed into a Construction Yard. In other missions, the construction yard has already been placed.

gdi_power_plantPower Plant
Power Plants provide power for base structures and are critical to keeping base defenses online. GDI Power Plants are upgradeable via Add-on pads for add-on generators per Power Plant. Each will increase the power output of the structure by 50% over a non-upgraded power plant.

The barracks allows infantry units to be trained. It also a prerequisite for base defensive structures.

tiberium_refineryTiberium Refinery
The refinery converts the harvester loads of Tiberium into credits for the player. It also stores a certain amount of Tiberium. Once a Refinery is full, Tiberium Silos must be created in order to store excess Tiberium. If there is no available storage capacity at a Refinery or Silos, excess Tiberium will be lost. .

empElectromagnetic (EMP) Pulse Cannon
The EMP Cannon can fire a high powered blast of electro-magnetic energy that renders any mechanized vehicle inoperative for a short period. Any vehicle or structure caught in the blast is disabled until the effect wears off.

firestorm_generatorFirestorm Generator
The Firestorm Generator creates an infinitely high force field. Once the generator is constructed, special Firestorm Wall Sections must be placed on the perimeter of an area to be defended, just like a wall. When activated, the force field that results from these emitters is impenetrable. The Firestorm Generator consumes massive amounts of power. Therefore, it can only be active for a short period before it needs to recharge. The shield can be turned on and off at will.

firestorm_wall_sectionsFirestorm Wall Sections
Used in conjunction with the Firestorm Generator, these emitters are placed like a wall and control the placement of the Firestorm Defense Shield. These emitters can be used to completely encircle a base or can be used at key defensive positions.

gdi_radarRadar Installation
A Radar Installation allows commanders to view the battlefield and the relative locations of friendly and enemy units. In order for the radar view to remain active, the Radar Installation must be constantly powered.

ion_cannonIon Cannon Control
The Ion Cannon is an upgrade to a GDI upgrade center that allows targeting control of GDI’s orbital ion cannon weapon. Without this control the ion cannon cannot be used.

seeker_controlHunter Seeker Control
This upgrade to a GDI upgrade center allows two-way communication with a Hunter Seeker Droid, allowing it to acquire enemy targets. This upgrade is required in order to build Hunter Seeker Droids.

power_turbinePower Turbines
Up to two of these power turbines can be added to a Power Plant to increase power output. The output of each turbine is less than that of a new Power Plant, but the cost is much lower.

tiberium_siloTiberium Silo
Tiberium Silos store excess Tiberium once the Tiberium Refineries are at maximum capacity. If a Tiberium Refinery is filled to capacity and there are no empty Silos available, excess Tiberium from a Harvester will be lost.

gdi_war_factoryWar Factory
This structure allows for the construction of vehicles. Certain advanced vehicles require additional structures before they can built by a War Factory.

component_towerComponent Tower
Based on a modular construction principle, the Component Tower serves as the basis for all GDI base defenses. Component Towers can be built as individual structures or as a part of a wall. One of three weapons can be mounted on a component tower: a Vulcan Cannon, RPG launcher, or SAM launcher.

vulcan_componentVulcan Cannon Component
The Vulcan cannon component consists of two mini-guns firing 50mm projectiles at high speed. The cannon is primarily intended for use against infantry, but it can be used less effectively against vehicles.

rpg_componentRocket Propelled Grenade Upgrade
The rocket propelled grenade, or RPG, upgrade component launches grenades at enemy units. The RPG is designed for use against vehicles but can be used against infantry as well. Its explosive charge ensures splash damage to any other units caught around its target.

sam_componentSurface to Air Missile Upgrade
Surface to air missiles, or SAMs, are GDI’s anti-aircraft defense. SAMs can only be used against flying units.

The Helipad allows for the construction and rearming of Orca Fighters, Bombers, and Carryalls. Without the Helipad, aircraft cannot be constructed and cannot be rearmed when returning to attack.

gdi_tech_centerTech Center
The Tech Center is where GDI conducts its high-tech weapons research. This structure is required prior to the construction of certain high-tech units and structures.

gdi_upgrade_centerGDI Upgrade Center
The upgrade center is used to communicate with various units and structures on the battlefield. Upgrade Centers have two available upgrade pads and can accept the following upgrades: Ion Cannon Uplink or Seeker Control.

gdi_service_depotService Depot
The Service Depot is used to repair vehicles and aircraft. A vehicle or aircraft can land on this structure and if enough credits are available, the unit will be fully repaired.

concrete_wallsConcrete Walls
A more robust defensive structure than Sand Bags, Concrete Walls are effective at stopping both infantry and vehicles. Only certain units can shoot over these defensive walls.

gdi_automatic_gateAutomatic Gate
This structure prevents enemy units and Tiberium growth from entering a base. The gate automatically opens to allow friendly units to pass, but will not open for enemy units.

Pavement is designed to protect your base from burrowing units as well as prevent heavy weapons fire and explosions from making craters in your base. In addition, units will move faster on pavement than on normal terrain.

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