GAMES: Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun – GDI Situation


Founded October 12, 1995, the Global Defense Initiative has always stood to enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act by providing nations at war with assistance, and to suppress terrorist acts.

Not long after the formation of GDI, were they forced to contend with the quasi-terrorist group known as the Brotherhood of Nod, during the first great Tiberium war. They emerged victorious, and to this day have managed to maintain a way of life among the planets population despite the ever dangerous alien mineral Tiberium.

Now, twenty years later, the mineral continues to grow stronger and engulf an increasing amount of the earth’s land mass. Rumour has it that the leader of the Brotherhood, Kane, has survived, and is in the process of rebuilding his empire. GDI is now faced with several new and dangerous problems. Problems of such magnitude that only time will tell if they will survive…

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