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Developer EA Pacific
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Windows, Mac OS
Release Date 11/02/2003
Current Version 1.08

What is Command & Conquer: Generals?

Command & Conquer: Generals is the first 3D RTS in the Command & Conquer franchise. Using an engine called the SAGE engine, developed in house at Westwood Studios. One of the big changes in this game is that for the first time the traditional C&C interface has been changed. The side bar had been replaced in favour of a new command bar that is now located across the bottom of the screen. Another change for Generals is the developer. EA Pacific (formerly Westwood Pacific) is the team behind it, and is the same team that made Red Alert 2 and its subsequent expansion pack, Yuri’s Revenge.

The game that takes place in the not so distant future; it’s based on brand new storyline that pits three sides (the USA, China, and a terrorist group known as the Global Liberation Army) against each other. The game is split up into 21 missions, 7 for each of the three sides. The game will gives you the opportunity to play as any of the three sides right from the start, though the default order will be China, then the GLA, and finally the United States.

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  • New 3D Units & Buildings
    More than 80 all-new units, buildings and upgrades such as the top-secret Aurora Strike Fighters, devastating Overlord Tanks, Angry Mobs, and skilled Hackers.
  • Innovative Gameplay
    New features such as thrilling air-to-air combat, customizable forces, enhanced veterancy, and intense urban combat.
  • Three New Unique Sides
    Three new teams to battle with. The USA, China, and a terrorist group called the Global Liberation Army.
  • New Control Interface
    An improved interface that will give gamers more control over the battlefield than ever before.
  • Make Your Own Maps!
    A powerful map editor called the “World Builder” for players to build customized war scenarios

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