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Developer EA Los Angeles
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms Windows, Mac OS
Release Date 23/09/2003
Current Version 1.04

What is Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour?

Zero Hour is the official expansion pack for Command & Conquer: Generals. It is the first Command & Conquer game from the EA Los Angeles studios since the consolidation of Westwood Studios and EA Pacific. You will be able unleash the absolute latest in modern weapons technology against the world’s most powerful Generals.

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  • New Single Player Missions
    Three new campaigns featuring 15 new single player missions to test your skills. Destroy the U.S. fleet in the Mediterranean, take out a splinter cell in Cairo, send in special operatives to capture weapons of mass destruction or infiltrate a U.S. intelligence building.
  • New Generals Challenge Mode
    All new Generals Challenge mode allows you to progressively take on 12 generals from across the globe, each with their own strengths, strategies and tactics.
  • Real World Weather Conditions
    Rain, snow, and other weather effects further immerse the player in combat With more visual enhancements, the most stunning 3D RTS game delivers an even more visceral experience.
  • Check Out the Armies Involved
    Command one of three unique armies inspired by real-world ideologies: the high-tech US force, the swarming Chinese war machine, or the resourceful Global Liberation Army.
  • New Advanced Technologies
    New hi-tech arsenal of weaponry—from the U.S. Specter Gunship to other next-generation military weapons designed with microwave, laser, and satellite technology.
  • These Armies Need New Weapons
    Utilize a massive arsenal of new units (e.g. GLA Combat Cycles), new structures (e.g., China Internet Center) and new upgrades (US Hell-fire Missiles, and Chemical Suits).
  • Battle With Any Army Online
    Battle online either cooperatively with a friend or go head-to-head in all-out global domination with a multitude of other players.
  • Collect Bragging Rights Online with New Medals
    Take your skills online, and with each enemy General you defeat. The new Combat School feature tracks your stats and provides post-mission analysis—study the feedback to improve your battle strategy.

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