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With the Support Class, not only can you take the fight to the skies, but you have access to a plethora of support powers to help your team mates or annihilate the enemy. Support Class players can quickly span the map with their forces to help their allies through speedy aircraft, support powers, and destructive strikes. While the Support Class is very quick, many of their units are not armoured enough to take on enemy forces head to head as easily as the Offense Class. However, teching up to tier 3 will give you access to the mighty GDI Kodiak or Nod Leviathan, the slow moving nightmares of the skies. Support Powers consume Support Points that charge up throughout the match in three different ways – naturally over time, buffing allies or debuffing enemies, and dealing damage. The Support Class has the most tricks up their sleeves, offering countless strategies to anyone who can master their massive toolset. Play as a medic and heal your team mates or build Firehawks to bomb your enemies into oblivion – the possibilities are endless.


NodSupportCrawlerMobileSupport Crawler
Nod has significantly expanded their arsenal of aircraft since the Third Tiberium War and have developed a Crawler specialized in their deployment. With the ability to construct a wide variety of aircraft, from Venom rocket ships to Vertigo bombers, Support commanders are masters of the skies, able to clear out enemy air forces or rain death from above. In addition to their aircraft wings, Support commanders have access to the more experimental units and abilities Nod has to offer, including the powerful Leviathan capital ship. The Support Crawler itself can be outfitted with rocket turrets for defense, but it’s most useful upgrade is the onboard stealth generator, allowing Nod to deploy its aircraft from seemingly thin air.

Support Crawler Deployed:

When Kane desires total air superiority, his followers launch the Salamander. Its four rocket batteries fire independently of each other, while flame units purify the ground below.




The true horror of the Medusa is its Flux Blaster, a continuous-fire weapon that tracks its targets wherever they run. But it also serves Nod with a massive EMP rocket and unit healing abilities.




True to its name, the Basilisk can freeze ground units with a stasis field, or finish off all comers with its laser array.




The Leviathan brings a rain of fire down upon its enemies. This beast contains 3 fireball launchers that can toast any ground units unfortunate enough to be in the shadows of the Leviathan. Upgraded Leviathans can also strike with a wing of sortie drones, small manoeuvrable fighters that can operate without placing the Leviathan in danger.



The Vertigo is a flying wing bomber … fast in, fast out, with nothing left standing in its wake. Upgrades turn it into a stealth bomber.




Cobras roam the skies, looking for ground-based unbelievers to strafe with their cannons. Upgraded Cobras add stealth to their repertoire.




A small, rocket-firing ship, Venoms work best in groups, using speed to harass and split enemy forces.




This healing obelisk of life repairs ground and air units. Scalpels also cast purges to remove buffs/de-buffs in the name of Kane.




Tyrants are interceptor tanks, speeding ahead of the main force to hit heavies and ground units with its laser. Tyrants can also burrow and increase the rate of fire for all friendlies in the area.




More heavily armoured than most vehicles its size, the Marauder’s shotgun-like weapon fires corrosive Tiberium-infused shells.




The Hijacker is a quick, light infantry unit that can also capture enemy vehicles in melee. She has less health and speed, but is augmented with a variety of helpful abilities, including an aura that scrambles enemy weaponry and a powerful virus.



The Engineer has received much more focus, becoming a multi-functional unit that can fill several roles. Though fragile, the Engineer can heal any nearby units, even from inside of transports and garrisons. Engineers use a low-damage, fast-firing, area of effect weapon especially good at destroying enemy mine fields. Engineers can detect stealthed and burrowed units, traverse cliffs, and capture the husks of large units as well.


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