GAMES: Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight – Nod Offensive Class


As an Offense Class player, you are the backbone of your team, fielding classic C&C tank power. This class is designed to pump out tanks and plow through opposing forces to secure areas of the map. Offense excels at capturing control nodes and pushing enemy players out of areas with overwhelming fire-power. While not as fast as the Support class, GDI and Nod have some fast moving cliff jumping units such as the GDI Talon , GDI Striker, or the Nod Subterranean Scorpion and Spider Tanks that can allow you to move quickly and stealthily around the battlefield. You can also scout out areas with Attack Bikes or Bulldogs before entering with meatier Tier 2 units like the Shockwave and Flame Tank, and finally annihilating the opposition with the Tier 3 behemoths such as the Mastodon or Avatar. Seriously, if you just want to get out in the battlefield quick and push the aggressive node, then Offense class is for you.


NodOffenseCrawlerMobileOffensive Crawler
Based on the design of the MCV from the Third Tiberium War, the Offense Crawler is a colossal walker designed to take the fight to the enemy. The Crawler’s initial load-out can only build simple units such as the Attack Bike, but highly upgraded Crawlers have the ability to construct more powerful Nod units such as the redesigned Avatar Warmech. Improved construction capabilities also unlock the Crawler’s ability to upgrade itself with Obelisks of Light and the experimental Firebomb Launcher. True to their secretive nature, Nod commanders frequently equip their Offense Crawler with stealth generators, giving them the ability to move about the map unseen.

Offensive Crawler Deployed:

The Avatar continues its role as an anti-tank walker, weak to concentrated blasts from powerful laser units. The Avatar can be outfitted with up to five cannons when fully upgraded, allowing it to do some significant damage to enemy forces. As it is damaged, these cannons are blown off the Avatar, significantly increasing its speed with each cannon lost and allowing the player to retreat the unit to repair and re-arm.


Stealthy fast-attack artillery, the Spectre’s blast weaponry is crippling at long range. Adding a Tiberium catalyst to its shells creates a devastation area effect as well.




A fearsome heavy tank on its own, the Widow can dock up to four Spider tanks (expandable to six with a blue Tiberium Core) as well, drawing their power to exponentially increase its laser’s potency.




NodStealthTankStealth Tank
Nod’s 4th generation Stealth Tank is an improvement in every regard over the previous generation. Whereas the loss of a single wheel would have disabled a 3rd generation Stealth Tank, this new incarnation returns to the four tread design to focus on reliability and manoeuvrability, especially in harsh climates like snow and desert. The fourth tread also allows for more weight to be carried, allowing the use of the heavier, reinforced sloped armour for superior protection. In the weapons department, the Stealth Tank is configured to fire all loaded rockets in rapid succession for a very powerful volley against either air or ground targets. The system can take several seconds to fully reload, but the pilot can fire the rockets individually as they are loaded if immediate fire-power is required.


NodFlameTankFlame Tank
Every burst from the Flame Tank not only burns the targets caught in the flames, but also sets them on fire, dealing continuous damage until the flames die out. Furthermore, the flame-throwers are powerful enough to leave the surrounding area ablaze, and any units travelling through are guaranteed to sustain some damage. Hardy Nod commanders can continue firing into a scorched area, eventually turning the flames into a fire-storm capable of incinerating any infantry or vehicles that remain in range.


The Avenger serves as Nod’s primary tank, first pounding heretics with its main cannon, then scattering mines upon its destruction.




At range, the Scorpion’s Obelisk tail laser burns Nod’s enemies. Up close, grasping claws immobilize its victim, making it a sitting duck for the laser’s sting.




NodSpiderTankSpider Tank
The super-light Spider Tank’s laser is weak on its own, but once system-linked to other Spiders, they can create a veritable web of death to catch more powerful enemies.




Amazingly versatile for a small package, the Mantis employs dual missile packs for use against aircraft, but collecting a blue Tiberium Core adds a rear-mounted ballistic missile for more spectacular ground attacks.



Raiders don’t appear to be much more than a fast set of wheels with a machine-gunner perched on top.




NodAttackBikeAttack Bike
A hit-and-run motorcycle with dual rocket packs, Attack Bikes make excellent swarm aggressors: cheap, plentiful, and expendable.




NodCyborgCommandoCyborg Commando
Some rare soldiers see their cybernetic bodies destroyed in combat again and again, each time learning from their experiences. The cost of connecting the brain to a new body is high, and as the Commando’s humanity fades, both his insanity and his zeal increase. The Cyborg Commando is equipped with the weapons befitting a front-line warrior, including the OL-71 “Pilum” Laser. This weapon is directly connected to the Commando’s power core, bypassing the charge-up time needed for other laser weapons. This allows the Commando to strike surprisingly fast, often before enemy forces can react to defend themselves.


The Engineer has received much more focus, becoming a multi-functional unit that can fill several roles. Though fragile, the Engineer can heal any nearby units, even from inside of transports and garrisons. Engineers use a low-damage, fast-firing, area of effect weapon especially good at destroying enemy mine fields. Engineers can detect stealthed and burrowed units, traverse cliffs, and capture the husks of large units as well.


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