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With the Support Class, not only can you take the fight to the skies, but you have access to a plethora of support powers to help your team mates or annihilate the enemy. Support Class players can quickly span the map with their forces to help their allies through speedy aircraft, support powers, and destructive strikes. While the Support Class is very quick, many of their units are not armoured enough to take on enemy forces head to head as easily as the Offense Class. However, teching up to tier 3 will give you access to the mighty GDI Kodiak or Nod Leviathan, the slow moving nightmares of the skies. Support Powers consume Support Points that charge up throughout the match in three different ways – naturally over time, buffing allies or debuffing enemies, and dealing damage. The Support Class has the most tricks up their sleeves, offering countless strategies to anyone who can master their massive tool-set. Play as a medic and heal your team mates or build Firehawks to bomb your enemies into oblivion – the possibilities are endless.


NodDefenseCrawlerMobileDefensive Crawler
The Brotherhood has always been feared for its powerful defenses, and the Nod Defense Crawler was designed to reinforce that fear. The Crawler is capable of constructing a variety of defensive structures including the infamous Obelisk of Light, and can upgrade itself with additional weaponry and specialized shield generators. For mobile defense, Nod almost exclusively employs the cybernetic armies of Kane with more experienced Nod commanders calling upon the services of the elite Black Hand and High Confessors. Additionally, the most loyal commanders are granted access to Nod’s artillery vehicles and those who have demonstrated their worthiness may construct the sacred Temple of Nod to cleanse their enemies.

Defensive Crawler Deployed:






Faithful followers in power armour, Centurions are equipped with an arm cannon and a deflector shield that deploys when stationary, protecting them from harm.




The Reckoner transports up to three faithful warriors into combat, but they cannot fire while moving, and if an upgraded Reckoner is destroyed while burrowed, all are lost.




A tank specializing in ambush, the Underminer launches a burrowing explosive spike into unbelievers who wander near.




Once deployed, the Aftershock continuously cycles through two damaging area attacks: a geo-shockwave that also reduces dodge, and a Tiberium cloudburst that corrodes enemy units.




Slaves build outposts and mine surrounding approaches, then eagerly work to repair damaged structures.




NodHighConfessorHigh Confessor
Tiberium courses through the veins of the High Confessors. Nod’s holy men wield Tiberium lightning launchers that chain through multiple heretics, powerful enough to destroy even heavy tanks and structures.



NodBlackHandBlack Hand
The Black Hand is among the most powerful Nod units, capable of incinerating even a Crawler. Wielding powerful new flame-throwers, the Black Hand excel at destroying structures and creating fire-storms, but can also use their “Holy Water” to create a volatile cloud of vapours which they can detonate with a single flame.



A mainstay of Nod’s arsenal, the Reaper is a spider-walking cyborg with a laser, able to slowly auto-heal damage.




Blessed infantry of Nod, the Enlightened wield arm-cannons and, once on the brink of death, make a suicide run at the nearest enemy.




The Ascended blaze a trail in the sky, destroying heretic aircraft with their shoulder mounted rockets.




Vision and purpose personified, the Devout take the word of Kane to the battlefield with their Gatling gun. Upgrades add a second Gatling gun to the cause.




The Engineer has received much more focus, becoming a multi-functional unit that can fill several roles. Though fragile, the Engineer can heal any nearby units, even from inside of transports and garrisons. Engineers use a low-damage, fast-firing, area of effect weapon especially good at destroying enemy mine fields. Engineers can detect stealthed and burrowed units, traverse cliffs, and capture the husks of large units as well.


NodTempleOfNodTemple of Nod
The most feared weapon in Nod’s arsenal, the Temple of Nod is both a holy shrine and a weapon of war. Armed with powerful Tiberium missiles, Nod’s holiest structure can obliterate an entire army with a fully assembled stage-3 missile, but can also be fired in the partially constructed stage-1 and stage-2 states if necessary.



NodDisruptionTowerDisruption Tower
The Disruption Tower is Nod’s best defense, able to protect vital areas from incoming attacks. It also toggles to a cloaking device, veiling all from heretic eyes.




When fired, the Incinerator bombards an entire area with microwaves, building in intensity until nothing survives. It cannot be re-aimed in mid-cycle.




NodObeliskOfLightObelisk of Light
A towering 360-degree crystal laser weapon, most effective against heavy units. When the Obelisk of Light is upgraded, splash damage affects units close to the primary target.




NodFlameColumnFlame Column
Designed to lob anti-air/ground fire-bombs into the heart of the enemy, Flame Columns can also upgrade to include close-range flame-throwers.




NodViperTurretViper Turret
A humble, powerful fixed-position cannon for turning back unbelievers. Upgrades allow it to burrow, hiding it until it emerges to spring a glorious ambush.




NodRocketPodRocket Pod
Rocket Pods fire bursts of missiles, delivering a bigger bang at the cost of a longer reload. Also burrows when upgraded.




Nod’s analogue to the GDI Bunker is a place of reflection and quiet contemplation for two infantrymen. Also burrows when upgraded.




NodTunnelBurrow Tunnel
An underground network, miraculously and instantly transporting loyal infantry and vehicles from one location to another. Upgrading adds a cloaking field and allows transport of heavy units.




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