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With the Support Class, not only can you take the fight to the skies, but you have access to a plethora of support powers to help your team mates or annihilate the enemy. Support Class players can quickly span the map with their forces to help their allies through speedy aircraft, support powers, and destructive strikes. While the Support Class is very quick, many of their units are not armoured enough to take on enemy forces head to head as easily as the Offense Class. However, teching up to tier 3 will give you access to the mighty GDI Kodiak or Nod Leviathan, the slow moving nightmares of the skies. Support Powers consume Support Points that charge up throughout the match in three different ways – naturally over time, buffing allies or de-buffing enemies, and dealing damage. The Support Class has the most tricks up their sleeves, offering countless strategies to anyone who can master their massive tool set. Play as a medic and heal your team mates or build Firehawks to bomb your enemies into oblivion – the possibilities are endless.


GDISupportCrawlerMobileSupport Crawler
Essentially a flying aircraft carrier, the Support Crawler is the fastest and most mobile of all the Crawlers in the GDI arsenal. The Crawler is capable of deploying fighters, bombers, gunships, and, when fully upgraded, capital ships from its extensive launch bays, although it must land to open its launch doors. In addition to the GDI air force, Support captains can also command a variety of utility craft that can repair, wage electronic warfare, or even enhance allied weaponry. In sustained combat theatres, experienced captains can upgrade their Support Crawler with better thrusters for increased mobility and missile systems for defense, and are frequently granted access to new and experimental technologies to support their allies.

Support CrawlerDeployed:


The Kodiak is GDI’s behemoth of the skies. Patterned after the Kodiak of the Second Tiberium War, these new vessels are not command ships, but powerful weapons of war. Instantly recognized by Nod as a force to be reckoned with, this heavy capital ship contains three blast artillery turrets that can fire at ground targets and excel at taking down structures or clumps of units. Kodiaks are also armed with machine gun batteries along their topside to protect them from enemy aircraft.


Archangel is GDI’s capital support ship, able to mitigate incoming enemy fire with four repair beams, sabotage enemy weapons, and boost the impact of friendly weapons in range of its influence.




Firehawks are fast movers, swooping in to carpet-bomb ground-based targets, or strafe aerial targets with missile barrages. Reloads take a while, but the results are worth the wait.




Equally adept at attack and defense, the Paladin can laser heavies with ease or, if its primary weapon is disabled, automatically target and destroy enemy rocket fire.




The Hammerhead is an imposing heavy gunship that buffs nearby friendlies with a rate-of-fire increase. Then it berserks its gatlings and rocket fire for a high damage/low accuracy trade-off.




A medium-class gunship with a big surprise, the Hurricane’s gatling guns auto-launch sensor pods, depleting enemy armour and providing a stealth-detecting scouting view over them.




The Orca isn’t much use in the water, but can dish out a ton of air-to-air and air-to-ground punishment, courtesy of its twin rocket launcher pods.




Every fast attack force needs a Spanner or three backing them up with targeted repair beams and weapon dampeners for enemy resistance.





Sheppards are tough little support tanks, packing decent offensive capability and, more importantly, giving a dodge bonus to nearby friendlies. It’s not bad at dodging, either.




Having a Conductor in your force is like having a master engineer repairing all units around it, armed with an EMP grenade launcher and capable of stopping enemy units in their tracks.




The biggest mobile laser cannon in GDI’s arsenal, Thunderheads switch between ground and aerial modes, and can only fire on targets — after a long heat-up — at their own altitude.




The Engineer has received much more focus, becoming a multi-functional unit that can fill several roles. Though fragile, the Engineer can heal any nearby units, even from inside of transports and garrisons. Engineers use a low-damage, fast-firing, area of effect weapon especially good at destroying enemy mine fields. Engineers can detect stealthed and burrowed units, traverse cliffs, and capture the husks of large units as well.


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