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As an Offense Class player, you are the backbone of your team, fielding classic C&C tank power. This class is designed to pump out tanks and plow through opposing forces to secure areas of the map. Offense excels at capturing control nodes and pushing enemy players out of areas with overwhelming fire-power. While not as fast as the Support class, GDI and Nod have some fast moving cliff jumping units such as the GDI Talon , GDI Striker, or the Nod Subterranean Scorpion and Spider Tanks that can allow you to move quickly and stealthily around the battlefield. You can also scout out areas with Attack Bikes or Bulldogs before entering with meatier Tier 2 units like the Shockwave and Flame Tank, and finally annihilating the opposition with the Tier 3 behemoths such as the Mastodon or Avatar. Seriously, if you just want to get out in the battlefield quick and push the aggressive node, then Offense class is for you.


GDIOffenseCrawlerMobileOffensive Crawler
A massive four-legged walker, the Offense Crawler is able to traverse a variety of rugged terrain, and is designed to pursue, engage, and eliminate Nod Separatist forces. Its primary role is to act as a mobile projection of force anywhere on the battlefield, and is frequently deployed for a variety of missions including escort, search and destroy, and base assault. The Offense Crawler can be upgraded to construct additional units, including the Mammoth Mk. IVs and the mighty Mastodon walker, and can also be outfitted with additional engines, armour, and weaponry to personally lead the charge into battle.

Offensive Crawler Deployed


The Mastodon walker is the reincarnation of the mighty Mammoth Mk. II from the Second Tiberium War. Thanks to redesigns of the original Mk. II and advancements in technology, the Mastodon is substantially less expensive to build and maintain than its predecessor, allowing it to be deployed in groups. These groups, affectionately known as “herds”, have been deployed to the front to fight Gideon and his Separatist forces. Mastodons are the ultimate ground weapon in the GDI arsenal, and to reflect their status and power, each individual Mastodon is named after a great conqueror in history.


GDIMammothTankMammoth Tank
The unstoppable force and immovable object in one package. The Mammoth Tank can erase attackers with twin heavy cannons and rocket fire. A “taunt laser” also forces targets to attack the Mammoth over other units… something no sane soldier would do.



The Refractor looks purely defensive, with a huge front-mounted shield that reflects enemy weapons. But then the mirror opens to reveal a Skybeam laser cannon, and that’s the last thing the opposition sees.



Equipped with powerful hovertech, reinforced ablative armor plating, and turret-mounted, computer-controlled twin rocket pods, the Sandstorm can fulfill a variety of roles in any battle scenario, from anti-air support to front-line engagement. The weapons system can be upgraded on-the-fly via equipment crates located in the field, allowing Sandstorm crews to effectively double the missile payload for a significant jump in lethality.


Built to handle siege duties, the Shockwave fires sonic shells for timed area damage. Adding a second shell before the first detonates creates a truly devastating resonance effect.




GDIStrikerStriker Mech
A super-light walker, the Striker can literally run circles around enemy units, tagging them with its laser.




Somebody stuck a heavy-duty, full-auto shotgun on a Jeep and dubbed it the Bulldog. And like its namesake, it ain’t pretty, but it does get the job done.




GDITitanTitan Mk. II
The all-terrain Titan Mk. II is only a medium-class walker, but its long-range laser cannon can slice up heavy enemies long before they see it coming.




Its twin Gatling guns have an obvious spool-up time, but the Wolf is still the last thing enemy infantry want to see rolling at them.




Usually the first line of defense for the TCN, the AT-22 Hunter, with its unique combination of speed and fire-power, is the vehicle of choice for patrol and interception missions in dangerous territory. Tasked not only with defending the TCN, but pursuing and destroying those that threaten it, Hunters are exposed to more combat situations in one week than other troops experience in months. This familiarity with danger and combat has made Hunter crews more experienced than their brothers in arms, and they are much quicker learners on the field of battle.


A fast-attack rocket platform, the Talon is a light, nimble hovercraft with a surprisingly effective surface and anti-air sting.




Commandos are infantry in power armour, jump-jetting into combat and laying down a one-two punch of rail-gun bullets and shoulder-mounted rockets; upgrades add structure-destroying C4 explosives. Commandos grant maximum veterancy when garrisoned, and never miss. Only one Commando is allowed per player.



The Engineer has received much more focus, becoming a multi-functional unit that can fill several roles. Though fragile, the Engineer can heal any nearby units, even from inside of transports and garrisons. Engineers use a low-damage, fast-firing, area of effect weapon especially good at destroying enemy mine fields. Engineers can detect stealthed and burrowed units, traverse cliffs, and capture the husks of large units as well.


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