GAMES: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Scrin Units


s_annihilator_tripodAnnihilator Tripod
This devastating walking behemoth is armed with three beam weapons mounted on independently articulated tentacles and legs so powerful that they can crush smaller vehicles underfoot. Can be upgraded with Forcefield Generators purchased at the Technology Assembler.




Corrupters spray corrosive slime onto structures and infantry with devastating effects on humans, yet with surprisingly restorative effects own their own troops.





s_devourer_tankDevourer Tank
The Devourer Tank is armed with a long range proton cannon and also consumes Tiberium to supercharge its beam.





s_gun_walkerGun Walker
These six legged vehicles are armed with rapid firing energy weapons, capable of tearing through infantry and aircraft.





Apparently designed for scouting, this light vehicle is equipped with advanced scanners as well as plasma disc launchers.





Harvesters absorb Tiberium and Transport it to Scrin Extractors, they also seem to self-repair when Tiberium is present.





The Scrin, seemingly obsessed with Tiberium, often send Explorers to establish a presence in Tiberium rich areas so that harvesting can commence.





s_drone_shipDrone Ship
These giant floating towers land and deploy in order to establish a Scrin base. They are similar in function to MCVs.





Stormriders are fast attack aircraft armed with plasma gun that effect against both ground and air forces.





s_devastator_warshipDevastator Warship
Devastator Warships can inflict grievous damage on anything and everything below with their tremendously long ranged Zeus Plasma Disc Batteries. Can be upgraded with Forcefield Generators purchased at the Technology Assembler.




s_planetary_assault_carrierPlanetary Assault Carrier
This heavy floating starship contains a complement of fighters that are vicious when swarming to attack ground targets. The Planetary Assault Carrier is most fearsome when generating an Ion Storm. Can be upgraded with Forcefield Generators purchased at the Technology Assembler.




s_mothershipThe Mothership
The slow moving Scrin Mothership is a super weapon capable of releasing a jolt of energy that disintegrates its target and causes a chain reaction that level entire cities.





The shadowy Mastermind is capable of teleportation and mind control. It appears at the centre of enemy forces and takes control of vehicles, buildings and infantry.





s_shock_trooperShock Trooper
Shock Troopers are so called because of the violent attacks on heavily populated areas. They are more than capable of attacking armoured vehicles head on. Can be upgraded with Plasma Disc Launchers and Blink Packs at the Stasis Chamber.




This alien, which is completely invisible when stationary, is capable of capturing enemy structures and now they can take over key destroyed enemy vehicles like the Nod Avatar or GDI Juggernaut. Tactical use of Assimilators is considered an art among many commanders. They can be used to capture civilian structures and repair destroyed bridges or to repair friendly structures.



These metallic walking creatures decimate vehicles with a powerful cutting beam. When crushed, they explode, damaging enemies in the vicinity.





The terrifying Buzzers are like a cloud of flying razors that can cut cleaning through flesh and light armour. They seem to guided by a limited sentience. They have the ability to be combined with vehicles, and clear out garrisoned structures.




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