GAMES: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Scrin Structures


s_drone_platformDrone Platform
The Drone Platform can construct other Scrin buildings to form a base. The Drone Platform also enables radar capability.





The primary power source for Scrin bases, the Reactor makes efficient use of Tiberium radiation to supply energy to other alien structures.





A Foundry acts like Drone Platform when creating structures, thereby granting Scrin foremen access to expedited base construction.





The Extractor collects and stores Tiberium delivered by the alien Harvester. It comes with a Harvester and is essential for generating the currency the Scrin need to mount their war efforts.





Transport Scrin infantry to the battlefield with a Portal. The Portal is powerful enough to transport heavy units.





s_warp_sphereWarp Sphere
The Warp Sphere creates a gateway capable of teleporting Scrin vehicles. It contains drones that repair damaged vehicles within range and can alos deploy reconstruction drones when necessary.




s_nerve_centerNerve Center
Required for advanced alien bases, the Nerve Center can do everything from networking with distant alien forces to calling a Lightning Spike to help defend a base.





s_gravity_stabilizerGravity Stabilizer
The Gravity Stabilizer controls the gravitational fluctuations of the planetary body it is built on in order it allow a safe teleportation destination for the Scrin’s starship fleets.





s_stasis_chamberStasis Chamber
A Stasis Chamber can sustain advanced alien infantry such as the Shock Trooper and the Mastermind. The Stasis Chamber can also project a Stasis Shield anywhere on the battlefield.





s_technolgy_assemblerTechnology Assembler
The Technology Assembler enables production of the Scrin strongest units, outfits forces with improvements and can render ground units impervious to attack for a short period of time.





s_signal_transmitterSignal Transmitter
The Signal Transmitter can be used to summon a massive Scrin Mothership. It can also change its frequency to open Wormholes in its vicinity.





s_buzzer_hiveBuzzer Hive
Buzzer Hives store countless numbers of vicious Buzzers. If the Buzzers are destroyed the Hive rapidly regenerates new ones.





s_storm_columnStorm Column
The Storm Column generates a localised Ion Storm that aids alien spacecraft. It can focus this storm into a lightning bolt that severely damages aircraft, vehicles and infantry.





s_photon_cannonPhoton Cannon
Photon Cannon blasts are capable of decimating ground vehicles. However, infantry are small enough to avoid taking direct damage.





s_plasma_missile_batteryPlasma Missile Battery
The Plasma Missile Battery unleashes ultra hot discs, capable of incineration enemy aircraft.





s_growth_acceleratorGrowth Accelerator
The Scrin are known to construct these mysterious Growth Accelerators to increase the output of their Tiberium fields.





s_rift_generatorRift Generator
The Scrin use this profoundly dangerous device to cut a hole in the fabric of space which sucks up anything and everything in vicinity, then ejecting everything it into deep space.





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