GAMES: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars – Nod Structures


n_conyardConstruction Yard
Heavily armoured, but mission critical, Construction Yards are crucial to Nod’s war efforts and tend to be well defended for that reason. They also provide radar capability to Nod bases.





n_power_plantPower Plant
The Nod Power Plant is able to generate extraordinary amounts of power from a small amount of Tiberium at the expense of ecological damage to the surrounding environment.





Cranes reinforce the production capability of the Nod Construction Yard. One crane fill doubles the rate at which Nod structures may be built.





The Nod Refinery can rapidly transform raw Tiberium into useful materials. Each Refinery comes with one of Nod’s nearly invisible Harvester vehicles.





n_handofnodHand of Nod
The Hand of Nod provides shelter, supplies and training to the legions of Nod militants, fanatics and elite infantry as they way war against GDI.





n_warfactoryWar Factory
This essential facility is used to construct and deploy Nod’s highly specialised vehicles. Nod War Factories also have automated drones that quickly repair damaged vehicles near by.





n_operations_centerOperations Center
The Operations Center contains advanced communications arrays required for Nod’s costliest structures and can easily deploy advanced counter-intelligence technology such as the Radar Jamming Missile and Cloaking Field.




n_secret_shrineSecret Shrine
Nod’s Secret Shrine contains special training rituals necessary to deploy advanced infantry. It can also be used to research advancements that substantially improve the effectiveness of most Nod infantry squads.




n_tech_labTech Lab
When a Tech Lab is present, The Brotherhood of Nod can deploy its most advanced military equipment, as well as research upgrades to its lower tech vehicles.





n_air_towerAir Tower
Air Towers enable air support for Nod operations and production of aircraft. Each Air Tower provides docking bays for up to four Vertigo Bombers





n_tiberium_chemical_plantTiberium Chemical Plant
The Tiberium Chemical Plant allows Nod commanders to deploy advanced Tiberium weapons to the battlefield at a moments notice.





n_shredder_turretShredder Turret
Shredder Turrets act like giant anti-personnel shotguns when hostile infantry approach. While these shards do little damage against armoured vehicles, the are horrifyingly effective against flesh and blood targets.




n_laser_turretLaser Turret
Laser Turrets scale down Nod infamous Obelisk of Light into a flexible anti-vehicle defence. Trios of Laser Turrets, controlled by a central defence hub, can quickly focus their beams against armoured targets within range.




n_sam_turretSAM Turret
SAM Turrets fire streams of surface to air missiles against hostile aircraft. A single SAM missile does not pack much of punch, but concentrated fire from these defences can bring down aircraft.




n_disruption_towerDisruption Tower
Disruption Towers generate massive stealth fields, Nod buildings, infantry and vehicles in their vicinity cannot be seen by enemies. Disruption Towers themselves cannot be stealthed.





n_tiberium_siloTiberium Silo
Tiberium Silos allow Nod bases to store as much Tiberium as they need to mount a decisive military campaign against its enemies.





n_obeliskObelisk of Light
Nod’s incredibly powerful laser tower charges up a beam that decimate vehicles and infantry squads. Its impressive range and power may also be enhanced by Nod’s new Beam Cannon vehicles.




n_temple_of_nodTemple of Nod
The Temple of Nod houses launch facilities for an appallingly destructive nuclear strike. GDI’s focus on Tiberium allowed Nod to secretly stockpile a considerable amount of the 20th century’s most infamous weapons, Nuclear Missiles. The Temple of Nod also provides advanced super computers capable of resetting the entire base in the event of an EMP attack.



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